Aliens vs Predator: Resist the Lure of the Hive Mind!

I came to an epiphany this morning.  (Sure, it was a trivial and geeky epiphany, but don’t be judging on my epiphanies, man!) After reading the mixed critical reviews of Aliens vs Predator last week, I had decided not to purchase the game, or to at least hold off until the price dropped.

I realized that I was getting sucked in by the industry group think.  Sure, an average/mixed review consensus of the typical title might prompt me to hold off, but this is the freaking Alien(s) and Predator franchises, for cripe’s sake!  If there’s a bigger fan of those properties in the Lehigh Valley, I’d be highly surprised.

I had previously played Rebellion’s original 1999 AvP game on PC, as well as the 2001 follow-up by Monolith.  A quick check of Wikipedia shows that the original AvP received 80% scores from the major houses, and AvP2 roughly 60%, and I had a complete blast with both games!

So what the hell was I thinking?  This is a major release involving my favorite movie ever (James Cameron’s Aliens – duh!), and I was going to give it a pass??  I suppose this example serves to illustrate the prodigious mojo that game reviews (let alone the mighty and impersonal Metacritic score) exert over the modern, highly-wired fanbase.

Having recognized that chilling fact, tonight I throw off the chains of the IGN/Gamespot hive mind.  I can already vividly hear the increasingly frenetic ping of the motion tracker, the chatter of my M41A pulse rifle, and the elephantine screams of my inhuman, horrific foe.  So beware, xenomorph queen, and cower in your steamy, dark lair – I come for you tonight!

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5 thoughts on “Aliens vs Predator: Resist the Lure of the Hive Mind!

  1. That’s the way to be Lance! I’ve played through many games critics hated and I loved. Though from what I’ve read a lot of the fans like it. Let me know how it is and maybe I’ll join you in the fight soon… that is just as soon as I get past a few of these game reviews…

  2. Heh, yeah that was certainly part of my decision: “Wait – *I’m* one of the guys who’s supposed to be advocating this game!” Plus, I also want to wallet-vote “yes” and help show Sega that the fans are out here.

    The long tail is that Gearbox is chugging away on Aliens: Colonial Marines, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a game. We need Sega to keep all the lights green! I was excited initially, but after experiencing Borderlands, how could I not be chomping at the bit for Randy Pitchford and Co’s take on the franchise?!?

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  4. [...] Having Fun with AvP (Xbox 360) At first, I wasn’t going to buy the game due to the crummy reviews. But the heck with the crowd – I love this franchise. I’m currently playing the Marine campaign and enjoying it very much – just like I’d enjoyed the original 1999 AvP. More later as I progress in the game, but don’t let the lukewarm reviews dissuade you – the game is fun. It might not be as refined as a Gears of War or MW2 or whatever, but if you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll dig it. More here about my reaction to the reviews: Short, Controlled Bursts Blog Archive Aliens vs Predator: Resist the Lure of the Hive Mind! [...]

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