Mass Effect 2: Class Consciousness

So, here I am, hot new copy of Mass Effect 2 in hand, work day complete, free time carved out, and ready to head home for some sweet, sweet sci fi gaming.  Everything should be awesomesauce for Lance.  Except one little thing – for the life of me, I can’t decide which class I want to play!

I played a Soldier the first time out, and I am leaning that direction again for several reasons. First, the gun nut and paintballer in me likes the idea of access to assault rifles and heavy weapons. Second, I’m thinking it would be cool to perpetuate the most “human” experience.  In other words, playing a “normal” Soldier who’s been thrown into this crazy new world of biotic muties, aliens, and other post-contact nuttiness.

Still, playing a Soldier was an easier choice in the last game, since the ME1 biotic powers pretty ho-hum. Now that they’re super-cool, I’m all bi-(otic)-curious.  I’m just trying to reconcile losing the coolest weapons vs. gaining a few neat space-psychic powers.

If I do take the biotic route, I’ll probably choose Sentinel for the best of all worlds.  Although the Vanguard powers are very, very cool too, and offer access to shotguns.   Ugh, indecision!

I have been able to narrow my choices slightly.  I think the Adept class would be a bit much, and would almost feel like playing a “wizard”, making the game feel less purely sci fi.  Conversely, the Engineer seems a bit too underwhelming, so there’s another elimination.  The ME2 Infiltrator looks supremely cool, but I don’t think I want to go the stealth route.  Perhaps Infiltrator would make cool second playthrough?

Back to the front (as it were), I usually prefer more realistic shooters where the action takes place at fairly long ranges, hence my Soldier leanings. That said, playing a hunter in WoW has taught me that long range classes sometimes miss out on close-ups of all the cool enemy eye candy. So, maybe being restricted to submachineguns and shotguns would actually be a boon in such a visually stunning game?  So that leaves Sentinel.  And Vanguard.

But, assault rifles and the bullet-time Adrenaline power are so cool!  Someone help me decide!!  I guess too many options is a good kind of problem to have…

5 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2: Class Consciousness

  1. I don’t know that Mass Effect is a game where there’s a lot of up-close fighting (at least the way I play). Yes, occasionally you’re in tight quarters and need to use your shotgun to clear out enemies, but most of the battles are firefights from cover. As a soldier in ME:2, I use my battle rifle, pistol and sniper rifle extensively with biotic support. Oh, and the occasional grenade launcher blast to clear out large clusters of enemies. :)

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  3. Yes, but you’ve always played a Soldier. Your class is the only one with access to assault rifles, and share access to sniper rifles only with Infiltrators.

    By contrast, think about how a Vanguard would play. They use their unique biotic Charge power to close with enemies, stun them, and then take out survivors with the shotguns they have access to.

    Likewise, the Sentinel only has access to pistols and subguns. The inherent inaccuracy of the subguns means you have to get in closer to do significant damage. This tradeoff is balanced out by their Tech Armor, which protects them in close.

    Check out some of the class intro videos that Bioware released – they give a nice little intro to the other classes and were very well produced.

  4. I went with infiltrator as I did with ME1. I generally play the sniper in FPS’s… and although ME1 was not one it was still the route I went. I loved it so there was no reason not to continue that route. When I hit ME2 I was surprised at how much closer to a FPS it was. That makes it all the sweeter when I pop someone in the head with my sniper rifle. 30 head-shot achievement? Unlocked in under 6 hours of gameplay!

    I haven’t tried out the sneaky power as I’m a sit back and fire guy, not a sneaky guy. However after watching a class video the other night I’m eager to give it a try. The thought of setting up my teammates, then sneaking around the side creating the perfect ambush sounds like alot of fun!

    Now if I could only find an upgrade that allows me to carry more sniper ammo…

  5. I ended up choosing Soldier. That’s what I played in the first game, so I figured keeping the same class would help keep me immersed in the story thread.

    I am *really* enjoying this game!

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